‘Masculine Toilet’ for the Well-Endowed

Not trying to get political with this post, so let’s just stick with the concept…┬áIt’s extra deep toilet supposedly designed for men with very long penises! The depth between the water and the rim is at least 12″. While I guess this could be helpful for the extremely well-hung, I suspect the splash of anything hitting the water would be rather large as well –unpleasantly so. But this toilet concept did make me wonder if guys with penises that are longer than avg have issues when they sit? Any guys care to respond? No need for graphic details, please! lol


1 thought on “‘Masculine Toilet’ for the Well-Endowed”

  1. Yes, touching the bowl or the water is an issue for me and for those who are well hung while flaccid too. After many gross encounters and having to buy some purel to put on my dick (OUCH!!) I am now careful to hold my penis with one hand as I sit.

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