Are hotwife/cuckold couples welcome at your events?

No, our events are only for single people.

How do I get verified?

Visit our Verification page for the details.

Is there nudity or sexual activity at your events?

No, our events are social only.  They are held in public places, like restaurants and bars.

Are all racial and ethnic groups welcome?

Of course!  We are a racially diverse group and do not tolerate racism.

What can I expect at these events?

We are a social group, looking to connect people who share the same interest in well hung/size queen romantic partners.  IM Jae is the hostess and introduces everyone, making it a welcoming experience.  Our regular attendees are very friendly towards new people.  We have a lot of laughs, share stories about life, get into interesting conversations about sexuality & "size" related issues.  Don't be surprised if you hear some dirty jokes, as we are all grown ups here!  (Jokes are one thing, but sexual harrassment is not tolerated.)

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