SQ Love, Episode 12

Episode 12: Codename: JUMBO We have a Size Queen’s college memory, an In the News story from NYC’s Pride Fest, and a Presidential Myth or Fact. Jae will also be sharing feedback on penis extension sheaths, and announcing Size Queen Love’s 1st photo contest!. "Time to be a Suave & Sexy Peacock" (6/30/2019)

Some penis sheath size extension options.








2 thoughts on “SQ Love, Episode 12”

  1. I remember the time I lost my virginity. It was a wild story. I was just as shy as that guy and even bigger than him believe it or not. I’d love to share it.

  2. Nice podcast.I heard women size queens are on average more into men then average women.A lot of women indentify as straight because they are in a realtionship with men. But if most women are attracted to both men and women and most men are straight , women that attracted to both high likely end in relationship with a guy.From my own research, polls, questions, explicit sites I know about 28% of women are only attracted to males 63% to both and 8% only to females.But from explicit site with you can search for women who identify as size queens they are more like 65% only attracted to men , 35% to both and 0% only attracted to females ( that one is logical i think) based on what they watch etc.

    I did a poll and women overall when asked the question would you rather have sex with 2 men or 2 women in a threesome when you have to choose . 71% said 2 men ( women that are only attracted to men and 2/3 of women that are attracted to both) and 29% 2 women. For size queens it was 90% versus 10%.

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