Our Approach

Our Vision

Our events are for people interested in dating relationships. In particular, relationships between well-endowed men and size queen women. Singles looking for long term partners are welcome to join us. If you are not available for dating or are looking for a one night stand, this is not the group for you. Everyone needs to be at least 21 years of age or older.

Our Story

My name is Jae and I started this event series for my size specific dating needs. I wasn't able to find any "in person" dating groups like this so I started my own!

In 2016, I organized a meet up for women who prefer big packages and the men who have them. We had 17 people attend! There were 10 women and 7 men of a particular “7 or better” attribute. We met at a classy and relaxed restaurant. I was anticipating that about 10 people would show up but much like a “grower” penis, our table kept getting longer and longer as more people showed up. We had great conversations on a wide assortment of topics, with penis size and related issues featuring prominently. Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun! We've been meeting regularly ever since.

Meet the Team

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I.M. Jae

Founder & Coordinator

Jae is a local size queen and sex educator. She keeps busy with various events around the greater DC area, including running Sex Trivia nights and sexy wine/paint sessions.

Safety and consent are very important to her, so she strives to keep the events comfortable and safe for all attendees.

Listen to IM Jae's appearance on DC101's Elliot in the Morning Show on Episode 19. They had a great conversation about size queens, our events, and the podcast!

Check out her video interviews with Nicholas Tanek of Your Kinky Friends:

Next Steps...

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