Survey about Big Cocks, Guys who have them, & Size Queens

I’m doing a survey for a few pieces I plan to write about big cocks, the guys who have them, & the people who like them. Just working on my mission of interesting adult education 😉 Your participation is appreciated!

Questions for well-hung men:

1. What are the main things you wish potential partners knew about the care & feeding of a sexual relationship with a well-endowed man?
–Some responses I’ve received have been about issues with condoms breaking/slipping, with some partners you might never be able to actually fit all of your cock inside their pussy, being careful with teeth during blowjobs, being treated as more than just a life support system for their penis.

2. What are big penis myths that you have encountered?

3. What are “tells” for potentially spotting a guy with a big package?
–A few guys have told me that they wear baggy pants so their cock isn’t obvious like it would be in fitted clothes, long shorts/swim trunks, while other men say they specifically wear fitted pants to show it off.

4. Anything else you think would be helpful to include in a big cock education piece?
–A few examples: condom preference and why you prefer a certain brand; any clothing that you avoid due to discomfort; how you first realized you had more meat than the average guy.

Questions for Size Queens who like big cocks:

1. What are the main things you wish people knew about why you are a Size Queen?
–Some responses I’ve received are: being built a little deeper & want a cock that can reach those spots, enjoying the feeling of being stretched by a very girthy penis, enjoying a greater variety of sexual positions bc of his length.

2. What are big penis or size queen myths that you have encountered?
–big hands/feet are a sign of a big cock, sports cars mean a small dick, muscular guys always have small dicks, guys with big cocks are selfish in bed. Once you get stretched out by a big one your body will never be the same, etc.

3. What are some “tells” for potentially spotting a guy with a big cock?
–Are there things that help you identify a well-endowed guy more easily? I’m not talking about big feet/hands as those fall under the myth category. For me, I’ve run into a lot of big dicked guys with green eyes… it’s not always an accurate predictor but I was surprised at how many I found.

4. Anything else you think would be helpful to include in a big cock education piece?

Sex Skills from people with big cocks, size queens, and people who’ve been with big penises but are not size queens:

I’m looking for your thoughts and experiences on oral sex, vaginal sex, anal sex, and anything else like hand jobs, etc. with big cocks. Specifically I am seeking technique based information. I’m doing research for a project (and I love these kinds of research projects! lol) and would love to get some more ideas. Already have a lot of things in mind but I find it fascinating to learn what special techniques people have developed for our particular challenges based on size. Thanks in advance for your responses!

1- Any favorite techniques you like to employ only for an above average sized phallus?

2- Anything you’ve found you can’t do with a dick that is bigger than usual? Those of you who are well-hung, what are some ways you’ve been able to teach a partner to pleasure more of your meat?

3- Any handy tricks you’ve developed to make it easier to fit more in their mouth or allow them to deep throat you? And if you can’t get it all in their mouth, what are other ways you like a talented tongue (and maybe hands or other body parts, toys, etc) to work on you?

4- How about dealing with bottoming out in a vagina?

5- Or getting a partner able to receive you anally?

6- Any size queens (of any gender identity) have some special techniques that you like to use for the bigger ones?  Or are there certain positions that work best with larger penises? (Perhaps that don’t work at all unless the penis is at least a minimize length of 7 or 8 or 9inches?)

7- And if there is anyone who is not a size queen but has had experiences with larger penises, I’d love to hear your thoughts as well!

You are welcome to respond here or you may message me privately. Thank you!