On January 7, 2019 we posted our 1st podcast! Size Queen Love is intended to be an educational and humorous exploration of big penises and the people who want them. Be aware that there will be plenty of adult language and concepts. We’ll have exciting topics like secrets for amazing sex with well hung men, finding your best condoms, interviews with special guests, etc!

New episodes will be posted about once a month and some months we will post bonus episodes.

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Episode 33: Medical Grade In this episode, we have a Fantasy Football pick, In the News celebrity schlong gossip, and a Myth or Fact made of medical grade materials! Thanks to our sponsor Verna Law for helping make this episode possible. "Do it Balls Out!" (1/22/2022)

Episode 32: April Showers, May Growers In this episode we have culinary treats, a healthy serving of In the News, and a Myth or Fact of ancient influence! Thanks to our sponsor Verna Law for helping make this episode possible. "Sexy, Sweet Penis Waffles!" (6/06/2021)

Episode 31: Roman Phallus Carvings In this episode we have an ancient discovery, In the News, and a Myth or Fact of godly proportions! Thanks to our sponsor Verna Law for helping make this episode possible. "I can't say it!" (3/30/2021)

Episode 30: Thrusting Fleshpoles This episode covers a penis related COVID story, In the News offers a double helping of UK sausage, and some wangtastic pop culture bits! Thanks to our sponsor Verna Law for helping make this episode possible. "Penis on His Arm!" (12/30/2020)

Episode 29: Penis Pasta This episode has Jae's dating tips during the pandemic, an update on the virtual meet ups, In the News with food, a Myth or Fact mystery man & a Howard Stern connection! Plus news about live virtual recordings of this podcast, with Q&A sessions that you can attend! Thanks to our sponsor Verna Law for helping make this episode possible. "So delicious!" (7/31/2020)

Episode 28: The Pants Party This episode features part 2 of Jae's interview with Nicholas Tanek, of Your Kinky Friends fame. Plus news on the virtual meet ups, In the News gets into gaming, a contest update, Myth or Fact goes viral, and some other fun bits! Thanks to our sponsor Verna Law for helping make this episode possible. "Hope your penises are safe!" (5/25/2020)

Episode 27: April Show-ers This episode features part 1 of Jae's interview with Nicholas Tanek, of Your Kinky Friends fame. Plus birthday celebrations, a new Men of Size contest, and virtual Size Queen Love meet ups! Thanks to our sponsor Verna Law for helping make this episode possible. "They have made demands!" (4/19/2020)

Episode 26: Phallus Over Philly In this episode, Jae goes on-site to Philly to spend quality time recording at the Kink Shoppe! We have interviews, local Myth or Fact, and more! "Yeah, that's some Philly Dick!" (3/28/2020)

Episode 25: Down With Jeremy Shub In this episode, Jae interviews Jeremy Shub, Relationship and Sexuality Counsellor. He recently co-published an anthology of sexuality writings in a new book, "Sex Positive Now: Everything you need to know about sex positivity". Jae also has a celebrity gossip bit for your sizeable interests. "Yes! Yes, yes, yes!" (3/15/2020)

Episode 24: On The Go! In this episode, Jae reports on the size queen travel meet ups, In the News features a pop legend and a new beauty trend, Myth or Fact revisits the Kama Sutra, and some other fun bits! "Love having things grow." (2/29/2020)

Episode 23: Wienermobile! In this episode, Jae talks about the thrilling size queen travel meet ups awaiting us, A whole lotta hot dog talk, In the News with costumes and cock comments, and Myth or Fact from the Punjab! "Hot dog a Rockin'." (1/27/2020)

Episode 22: Fat & Festive Yule Logs In this episode, we wrap up the year with your favorite segments. Jae talks about Winter Penis, In the News gets fishy, an equine inspired Myth or Fact, and more fun items including a well hung celebrity’s Instagram shocker, and all the latest on our 2020 meet ups! "Jason, you can't help your size." (12/29/2019)

Episode 21: Feathery Turkey Sexcapades In today’s Cornucopia of Cock aka The Massive Thanksgiving episode, Jae reports on the 1st traveling Size Queen Meet Up, In the News has a medical update, a Myth or Fact goes to the birds, and more fun items including a new Men of Size contest & clips from Jae's appearances on other shows! "Getting Better & Better!" (11/29/2019)

Episode 20: Hot Halloweenies Welcome to our Hot Halloweenies episode, which is full of treats and maybe a few tricks! Jae announces the winner of our Men of Size photo contest, In the News has a very old dick, a Myth or Fact from a fan, Halloween costume ideas, and a few other items!! "Serious Morning Wood!" (10/27/2019)

Episode 19: Rhymes with October In this episode, Jae's appearance on Elliot in the Morning, In the News story of an incognito sausage, a Myth or Fact about babies, and a new feature: the Size Queen Love PSA! "Insert Right Here!" (10/13/2019)

Episode 18: Football Inspiration In this episode, Jae shares a true story from a fan, football related In the News, a Size Queen Myth or Fact, and a reminder about our 2nd Men of Size contest! "Here's to Hoping!" (9/29/2019)

Episode 17: OhNut! Part 2 In this episode, Jae has part 2 of her fabulous interview with Emily Sauer, the creator of Ohnut, we have an In the News segment about a dick size legal defense and more phallic art, a Myth or Fact from the NFL, and a reminder about our 2nd Men of Size contest! "I could hug you!" (9/12/2019)

Episode 16: OhNut! Part 1 In this episode, Jae has part 1 of a terrific interview with Emily Sauer, creator of an exciting product called Ohnut, an In the News segment about scissors and puppets, she's announcing the theme for our 2nd Men of Size contest! And we’ll have a climactic finish when she shows some love to our newest contributors. "M as in Magnums!" (9/01/2019)

Episode 15: Hellllooo Joe! In this episode, Jae presents the winner of the 1st Men of Size contest! Then we have an In the News segment about a supplement warning, a fun story about some adorable penis pics, and a Myth or Fact in paradise. "Avoid Big Penis?!" (8/08/2019)

Episode 14: At The Beach! In today's episode, Jae has On the Beach etiquette, an In the News lesson about learning not to touch without permission, and a Myth or Fact at half mast. "Limp Slander" (7/31/2019)

Episode 13: Cucumber Sandwiches Jae has dating profile advice for the guys, an In the News feature about 5 story tall cocks, and a South Korean Myth or Fact. We’ll also be reminding you about Size Queen Love’s 1st photo contest! "Keep it Sexy, not Sleazy" (7/14/2019)

Episode 12: Codename: JUMBO We have a Size Queen’s college memory, an In the News story from NYC’s Pride Fest, and a Presidential Myth or Fact. Jae will also be sharing feedback on penis extension sheaths, and announcing Size Queen Love’s 1st photo contest!. "Time to be a Suave & Sexy Peacock" (6/30/2019)

Episode 11: Check Out The Manscape We talk about Manscaping, Jae reads from a 62 yr old Sex Ed book, then 2 In the News stories, and we finish up with a salacious sports Myth or Fact about Joltin' Joe. "Rinse thoroughly and pat dry" (6/12/2019)

Episode 10: Oral Congress Today we have a return visitor: Sex Ed Ashley! Jae & Ashley will discuss penis pleasure techniques. Then Jae has an In the News story from NYC, and we'll finish up this climactic episode with a fun summer related Myth or Fact segment. "Dick Pic for a Good Purpose" (5/31/2019)

Episode 9: The Poles of May! In this episode we have a history lesson on the May Pole, Jae's 1st interview with a Size Queen couple, In the News we’ll look at a penis pothole artist, and, boy, has Jae ever got some wood for Myth or Fact. "Harvesting Wood from a Phallus Tree" (5/08/2019)

Episode 8: A True Tale In this episode, Jae reads a saucy true tale from a podcast fan. Plus we have Dating Advice, In The News, and a whale of a tale for our favorite Myth or Fact segment! "A Size Queen in Need" (4/30/2019)

Episode 7: Japanese Phallus Festival We have another Phallus Festival to learn about, as well as a fan question, for In the News we’ll get into the Dick Run Claire controversy, there’s a Myth or Fact item from Japan, and a shout out to the musician who makes the music for our show. "Fuck Off to Shaming" (4/07/2019)

Episode 6: Spring Shenanigans And now, Jae's 1st episode with a live audience! We also have our first guest educator, Sex Ed Ashley, to talk about Male Ejaculation. We get into In The News and Big Dicks of Ancient Rome! "Awaiting the Expulsion!" (3/22/2019)

Episode 5: Going Greek Our main topic in this episode is Jae's first interview with a "Man of Size." We're also Going Greek, from Phallus Festivals to Ancient Art. And we finish up with a new true tale from a fan. "Yes, I've Seen Pictures!" (3/07/2019)

Episode 4: Valentine 2019 Inspired by one of the world’s most interesting men, Porfirio Rubirosa, with a look at his life, 5 lessons we can learn from him about romance, and a penis in the news. (A little late for V-day, but life got in the way.) “Sounds like my kind of guy!” (2/15/19)

Episode 3: One Size Does NOT Fit All I debunk the idea that vaginas are a one-size-fits-all deal, our 1st listener submitted story, a message for guys who send dick pics, and more. "Like Goldilocks said: And this one is just right!" (2/07/19)

Episode 2:  Faking It Big Size Queen Love delves into stunt cocks, codpieces, strap one, and more! "He can always get an upgrade!" (1/27/19)

Episode 1: "A Size Queen Solution"  Welcome to the Size Queen Love podcast with our introductory episode! Learn about the Washington, D.C. area Size Queen Meet Up events, hear about a penis in the news, and we go over a few ancient myths and facts related to big cocks. (1/07/19)

30 thoughts on “Podcast”

  1. i’d love to attend a meetup up sometime. I’m a male, 25, 9 inches. How do I get more information?

  2. I love it! Great job! I found out about this thru 7orbetter. Looking forward to future podcasts, interviews, stories and things I can relate with! Nice to hear the discussion of penis size encouraged by a woman in a mature and real manner! Its a topic that can be perceived as shallow, embarrassing and light-hearted but at the same time heart breaking (getting denied, objectified, or mocked). So its nice to be taken seriously, openly relate, share and be heard! Keep it up!


    1. Thanks for the feedback and sharing your thoughts! This has become my personal calling the last several years so I appreciate your positive comments.

  3. Hi stacey,
    Nice postcats.
    You said 7 inches look big on a short guy.I wondered this:
    Imagine that you could design/deside a guys penis size . Would you make the same size penis on a 5feet 7 as on a 6 feet 3 lover? or not? or don’t you know?

    good night from europe.

    1. Hi there. Not sure who Stacey is… I’m Jae (IMJ), the woman who does the podcast. In terms of proportion, a 7 inch penis looks larger on a short guy. I don’t care as much about a guy’s height as I care about his other size. His penis needs to be at least 7 inches long no matter how short or tall he is. Ideally, it would be longer than that for my preferences. I hope this answers your question. Thanks for commenting!

  4. One thing regarding enlargement…you touched on pumping but not stretching (penis not foreskin). Stretching has been proven to add length over time, but it takes a lot of time and dedication for only 1-2″ gain. Mainly used in medical settings for smaller guys, but that doesn’t mean us larger guys can’t also benefit.

    Also, even those of us who are longer still want to be longer, if that makes sense. So far I’ve taken mine from 7″ to 8″, and hey, if I can get to 9″ in a few more years, why not, so long as I don’t overdo it or break anything.

    1. There are a few other things out there, but I was discussing the main procedures that people will encounter. From what I understand about it, the procedure was not developed for small guys but rather to help straighten out damage that lead to extreme curvature. (In the course of correcting the curve, they discovered it also resulted in a little extra length.) There is not a lot of research on this nor have their been long term studies so we don’t know how long the extra length will last once a guy stops using the stretching device. There is also no guarantee a guy will get any extra length from the procedure and it takes about a year of dedicated, uncomfortable application. It’s only been done on a relatively small sample of men, not enough to consider it “proven” by medical standards. Thanks for mentioning it, though.

      1. No worries. In my case, I figured it was worth trying just to see if it did work, and when it did I was hooked. Adding an inch did take a year though, and adding another might take years more. PEGym and Thunders Place are probably the two best places to read up if you are interested at all for future podcasts.

        Plus, for size queens, why not see how large we can possibly make it, while staying safe (no crazy risks or surgeries) if we can.

  5. Interesting website and podcast. The frustration of not finding the right size partner isn’t just for size queens, it also is a problem for larger men such as myself. At 9.75 x 6.5 I have only had the pleasure of one woman who could fully accommodate me. It was a thrilling experience and one I would love to have again.

    I’m in the area, so the meetings sound intriguing and full of possibility.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience. Let’s talk privately and hopefully we’ll get you introduced at one of the local events.

    1. Thanks! I’ve seen a few similar graphics –Thanks for sharing! I agree, it’s a good visual aid 😉

  6. Too bad all the events are on the other side of the continent. I have had so few sexual partners because I am not very confident and so I don’t have that “big dick energy” so it’s hard enough to even find a potential partner. When I do because of my size (10.5 inches x 7.5 inches), I tend to get nothing more than a handjob and leaving sexually frustrated.

    1. Sorry to hear that you’ve had a difficult time finding mutually satisfying partners. Perhaps you might want to check out 7orbetter.com or one of the other size related dating sites? Thanks for reaching out and sharing on here. I think a lot of us can relate to you. I hope your luck improves with finding someone!

  7. Hey, would love to hear your stories on the biggest you’ve seen in real life, as well as the thickest. I’m more of a girthy guy, do you value that also? Because you only talk about length. CHeers Please do more episodes =)

  8. Love these podcasts. Great job! Could you do something about fornix and cervix stimulation? I dated a woman who loved having her cervix hit hard. Usually you have to be careful about that. Would love to hear if that’s a common turn on for women who identify as size queens.

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

  9. I think i diacovered a way to make the pênis grow as much as you want, i only tested It in me but It worked Very well, my penis is 11 inches today, next month It Will be 12 inches of everything work well, with this method a pênis grows 1 cm per month, i know It sounds strange but its truth

  10. I’m on 7or better.. but you mention ‘other size related dating sites’… what are they???

  11. Love the show ladies i would love to submit a pic for the photo contest. I also have a podcast and we are weekly and average anywhere from 1500 to 3700 viewers weekly. I would love to collab.

  12. I’m near the Illinois area, am about 8 inches, any tips to meet size queens??
    also wish we had your events around here

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