After 3 years of having Dating Meet Ups in the DC area, we decided to start doing Size Queen Traveling Meet Ups as well. A lot of people from around the country (the world, actually!) reached out asked us to have one in their area. We finally decided to give it a try in Philadelphia in November 2019. It was a lot of fun and now we're making fun travel plans to do more of these!

Here is our current travel schedule:

Thursday, March 17 - San Diego, CA

$10/person to register.



Saturday, April 23 - NYC

$10/person to register.


With COVID-19 restrictions being lifted, we are starting to host events again. Please continue take care of yourselves and those around you. We wish you all the best in health and well being!

If you would like to help support our events and outreach with the size queen community while at the same time getting entertained, please considering listening to my podcast and making a donation if you are able to do so! 

The traveling events are a little different than our dating events as they are not as restrictive in who is allowed to attend.

Join us as we enjoy socializing and flirting in a no pressure environment.

The Size Queen Love Traveling Meet Ups are for well endowed
men, size queens, and the people interested in them. Hopefully we'll all
make some fun connections!

"Men of Size" need to have packages that are at least 7" in length. If you want to be recognized as a "man of size" at the event, you need to verify your endowment size before showing up. Here is a sample with instructions on how to do that:
If you are a guy who isn't 7" or longer, you can still attend so long as you have an interest in the theme of the event. (For example, cucks who have hot wives/girlfriends that are size queens.) Size queens and admirers of all types are welcome to join us.

This is a private event, so please be sure to contact me if you want to bring a guest. Everyone is requested to contribute a $10/person donation to help support the event.

Previous Events:

Our 1st traveling meet up! We had a great time in the City of Brotherly love!