Size Verified!

All men interested in attending events must submit a photo verification. Ladies, rest easy that we've done our best to make sure all the guys are 7" and above!

DMV Events

Our events take place around the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. We usually meet on Sundays, at a restaurant. When the weather is more appropriate, we have plans for a picnic at a winery, etc.

If you are not in the DC area, we recommend joining for meeting people all over the world! (They do have people in the DC area, so consider joining to connect with locals online.)

Friendly & Fun

We meet in public places so you can feel safe and comfortable. All races/ethnic groups are welcome! We do require attendees to be 21 yrs of age and up. And men must be packing at least 7" of pleasure.


Thanks for checking out our site! It went live on 11/11/2018. We'll be adding new features over time. Feel free to reach out with suggestions and questions.

We're excited to announce that starting on January 7, 2019 we now have a Size Queen Love podcast running with episodes to share each month!


Next Steps...

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