Something in your kitchen may have made your penis smaller!

While this blog is dedicated to larger than average penises, I still keep an eye out for penis size related articles in general. Today I ran across a story that had my size queen heart a bit horrified!

Feel free to check out the full article at this link:

According to this article, a team from the University of Padua, Italy found that some of the chemicals used in non-stick cookware have an impact on penis size and male fertility. (Italy is a country that boasts about having plenty of above average sized sausage, so this was certainly an issue they would notice!) The researchers found that young men who grew up in areas where the drinking water was heavily contaminated with PFC have significantly smaller penises and less mobile sperm. The article goes into details about how components within PFC bind to the testosterone receptor and block its activation, which is not good for male fertility and genital development.

As a parrot owner, I try to stay clear of non-stick coatings because they tend to give off fumes that are harmful to birds. Now I have even more reason to avoid non-stick coatings! Let’s keep those penises growing big and juicy!

Please comment if you have run across similar studies. Or contradictory studies. Multiple sources of information are welcome, as always.

3 thoughts on “Something in your kitchen may have made your penis smaller!”

  1. That’s interesting. Growing up at home mom never used non-stick cookwear and as an adult I don’t like using it at home either. I don’t think its really necessary if proper temperature and oil (heat and lube are important!) is used while cooking. It may not be the main reason I am blessed with a very large cock but it may have helped keep it that way!

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