Snow day entertainments?

I’m spending the day catching up on email and also working on Episode 3 for my Size Queen Love podcast! Almost finished with my notes and hopefully I will record it later today. Release date should be February 4th. And a big size queen “Thank You” to Miss C, who provided the 1st listener submitted story which I will be sharing during this episode!!!

What are you all up to? Any fun shenanigans happening? I might spike some hot coca later with peppermint schnapps but I suspect that’ll be it for my adult fun. Too darn cold and snowy to go get into trouble. lol So I’ll content myself with a little chocolate, maybe some alcohol, and definitely lots of writing/reading about big dicks! That should keep me warm 😉

Update: Just finished recording it! Hopefully my producer will be able to have it edited and posted for February 7th, as I like posting on the 7th to reinforce the 7″ and above concept 😉 I’m thinking about trying to do a mini episode for Valentine’s. Any thoughts?