SQL Podcast, Episode 3

Episode 3: One Size Does NOT Fit All 

I debunk the idea that vaginas are a one-size-fits-all deal, our 1st listener submitted story, a message for guys who send dick pics, and more. “Like Goldilocks said: And this one is just right!” (released: 02/07/2019)

Guys, remember that we don’t want your unsolicited dick pics! Ask permission before sending them, and then wait to receive permission. If she says no, then don’t f*cking send the pic! This is your friendly SizeQueenLove public service announcement.
A sampling of some of the vaginal speculums out there. This Dr. has an entertaining way of expressing things! Check out her site for some great reading/educational material.
A few examples of vaginal dilator sets. People with vaginas can sometimes get a prescription from their doctor for a kit if they are having problems from being very small. The dilators can help the vagina get slowly and gently stretched over time.
I couldn’t resist posting a few Yahtzee images in honor of Miss C’s delightful story about how she became a size queen! Let’s keep those listener stories cumming, my darlings.
Who is going to create the next enormous phallic image for the world to enjoy?!

Medieval Catholic Divorce Law — perhaps one of the more dry and boring research areas I’ve read up on in a long while. Someone please come and re-wet my poor brain. “Myth or Fact” section was delivered!